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How to fight for the use of nipples?

Did you get a little promotion for biting or pinching your nipples? Then you will love nipple clips. While terms like “crocodile nipple clips” may seem a little tight at first, the truth is that you can control how tight you really are. After all, it’s okay to be tight. )

Like something like anal beads, you can use nipple clips when flying alone or with a partner. According to Dr. Janet Brito, a certified sex therapist, nipple clamps “are intended to promote pleasurable sexual stimulation.” In other words, they can increase endorphins, which can escalate an orgasm to a plus size.

By the way, nipple clips are suitable for everyone. According to Dr. Sadie Allison, author of “Tickle Your Fancy – A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Self-Pleasure,” the nipple is an equal-opportunity erogenous zone—men, women, nonbinary people, and everything in between Everyone in the room is invited to the party. Depending on the sex or gender you choose, nipples aren’t more or less sensitive; they all have the same number of exciting nerve endings.

It’s especially good to know, because in culture, we generally think of nipples as female bodily things. As Dr. Allison says, “For some cis-men, nipple play is a very pleasant and preferred form of stimulation. For others, they may ignore this erogenous zone entirely, so it’s worth it introduced.”

What is the function of nipples?

Nipple clips aren’t very complicated; they basically provide a little squeeze, like the 3354 they sound, and maybe a little pull on the nipple, depending on how sophisticated the device is. The nipple works by reducing the blood flow that can reach the nipple, resulting in a mix of numbness, pain, and sexual pleasure.

It’s also worth noting that nipple clips can be used on other body parts. Did someone say “clitoris”? Maybe add some anal sex toys? ) If you already know your partner loves to play with nipples, they are also great and you want to free up your hands while still giving them a nice biting action.

Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, said: “All nipples in the body are very sensitive, and just like all bodies are different, they respond differently to nipple stimulation.” Also, Chacha— —. As exciting as wearing nipple clips is, Kavanagh says, “The sensation peaks when you take off the nipple clips. By restricting blood flow, and then releasing it, you experience intense pain and endorphins. Peptides.”

Types of nipples

In a pinch, many things can be used as nipple clips: clothespins, butterfly clips, rubber bands, as well as wooden or metal chopsticks, fingers… the possibilities are endless. In other words, if you are not familiar with using nipple clips, it is recommended to use special clips or special nipple sex toys. (Purpose only refers to those that are built for a sexy and explicit purpose.) By the way, are nipple clips safe, just wondering? When used properly, they are.

A special nipple clip has the added advantage of being specially made to clamp, making it easier to put on and take off, and to adjust the amount of pressure applied. Here are the best nipple clamps for business newbies:

Alligator clip/Alligator clip

The most common nipple clips are alligator clips / alligator clips, which apply pressure by twisting a screw. This adjustable nipple clip is versatile and can be paired with other forms of BDSM play such as collars or ball plugs. They can also be a little more sensual, using fun feather ornaments in their sensory play.

nipple clips

Another common nipple clamp consists of two long rods that slope slightly outward, with a loop and a grippable rubber or silicone tip on both rods. Just slide the adjustable clip to adjust the tension up and down.


The magnetic pacifier clip is also a kind of thing, which is squeezed by magic and rare earth power. Strength adjustment of these clamps can be a bit difficult, depending on the power of the magnets and whether they incorporate some clamping pressure change mechanism.

suction device

How do pacifiers work? Nipple suckers (also called nipple suckers), while not specialized clips, fall under the category of nipple play. These devices stay on the nipple with suction, which uses some sort of plunger to draw the nipple into the tube. Gently pull on the plunger to increase the pressure and suction of the nipple.

High-tech nipple clips

Want to bring some tech gadgets into your nipple pressure work? There are also heated pacifier clips and vibrating pacifier clips for a wilder feel. If these two technologies are too high, you can choose something simpler, such as stainless steel clothespins. Why so bells and whistles? Because you can add other sensations by heating or cooling before applying (don’t go crazy about it; burnt nipples are an opt-in requirement).

clover house

If you’re feeling a little lucky, maybe the abusive side is reappearing, then the Shamrock clip might be the right addition to your Game of Thrones/sex game. These pacifier toys have a unique design that tightens the clip when pulled. Usually attached in a chain, the downward zipper tape will put extra pressure on anything trapped inside, creating a strong feel.

Abacus clip

If you want your clip back to the days of early calculators, you can use an abacus clip. This ingenious invention consists of two rods side by side, with rings/beads on each side, covering both rods. Detach the rod, insert the fitting into it, and add pressure by sliding the ring near the center. This forces the bars to try to return to their original side-by-side position, creating the desired squeeze and squeeze.

Using any of the above, if the clip has a ring connection, it can be easily combined with some BDSM devices. For example, maybe you are the proud owner of nipple clips and dick pens and you want to chain them all together so that when the chain pulls, everything is pulled. You can do it,—. This is what you can do. As with all types of adult sex toys, material matters. People with sensitive skin should try to avoid toys that contain nickel to avoid a reaction to the metal clips. The silicone-covered clips feel great in the hand and are more friendly to new users because they are softer and still allow for a high level of kneading if needed.

How to use nipple clips

Wondering what is the best nipple clamp for you? There is only one way to know. 3354 Give it a try! The truth is that sex drive is very personal. Whether you’re playing chastity contraptions, bunny vibes or a pair of nipple clamps, porn experiments are all there.

That said, some gender experts do suggest that if you’re a beginner, you can start with the silicone option because it’s soft and easy to use. Others say alligator clips are one way. If you think you might be interested in nipple clamps, try them out individually to find out the range of sensations they can provide.

Now, before you head to Sexy Town with the clip, make sure you’re at least a little excited. In the words of clinical sexologist Dr. Valerie Poppel, “First, make the skin nice and warm. Long-lasting foreplay is essential…massage the breast tissue (including the nipple), then gently begin squeezing, sucking and worshipping. nipple.”

If you do this with boos, once your partner has warmed up, let them breathe, then clamp them. Then let them exhale. It may take a minute or two for the nipple to react, so go ahead and play the great game. Then, when your partner is about to orgasm, unleash Kracken! (release the clip). Not only does this return blood to the nipple, it also stimulates the release of oxytocin, which turns that big O into an OOO.

If you want to know the duration, you’re not alone. Sexpert Polly Rodriguez recommends not leaving the clip open for more than 15-20 minutes. Beginners should look for “a pair with a regulator so you can easily get into the stress level that works for you,” she added.

By the way, nipple clips can be used on pierced nipples, as long as they have enough time to heal. Or weight chains can be used directly for nipple piercings, but be careful; the show’s focus is on evoking strength and pleasure/pain rather than damaging or destroying tissue.

Also keep in mind that even a little bit of pain before you orgasm can be painful afterwards, so you really want to know how to release them before you fully cross the finish line. It’s also important to know that nipple clips can cause scarring if used too often or with too much force. Give nips plenty of time to recover from high-intensity moves!

According to Dr. Carol Quinn, sexologist at Benign Vibration, clips are perfect when you want some hands-free nipples. If you know that nipple movement is stimulating your partner and you have a pair on your hands, then you can focus on other things to take care of at that stage…like blowjob, baby. At this point, you’re probably wondering why, if they’re so shiny and effective, why nipple clips aren’t popular. According to abuser and Attendance Studio CEO Dr. Sandra Ramoguez, the word itself is more taboo than what makes most people comfortable:

“—totally different from the vague euphemisms we can get away with in casual conversation, which is very direct and unabashed,” she said. “It’s associated with pain, and many people are still (at least on the surface) uncomfortable with any connection between pleasure and pain. It goes against our society’s traditional notions of how sexuality feels and participates, so people are reluctant to talk about it.”

But you know us,—, we don’t hesitate to talk about anything. In fact, we’re following you closely to learn more about sex, pleasure, satisfaction, and everything in between.