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The Most Complete Guide to Chastity Cages

While chastity devices and fictional creation myths have some silly origins, they are very active BDSM tools (like anal dilators) in today’s eccentric culture. Submarines’ locked cocks are really hot, forcing them to crawl back to their homes for sexual gratification. In this regard, welcome to read your own chicken coop chastity guide!

In terms of sex toy choices, chastity cages are pretty unique. The intention behind the cage may be that it’s worn 100% of the time, but the chastity cage isn’t the only adult sex toy (aka D/S) relationship in the kink arsenal that can be used to perform sexual control in a dom/sub relationship. That said, they are a strong option. For subs, allowing someone else to be their “key holder” (the person who holds the key to their chastity device) is usually a sign of deep respect and trust.

In the words of one person, “What matters to me is that bondage is still serious, practical, practical. Chastity is what I want. Build that level with people I allow them to be my key-holders. Trust is extremely difficult… If I’m going to give someone my keys, I want them to be in full control of the situation, not give me the option to leave. Subs tend to get a dignified totem or position from their domain, like a collar or patch , but out of chastity, the lord is responsible for holding my keys.”

Now, sometimes wearing a metal chastity cage is not allowed in social situations. Frequently wearing a coop to the gym or cycling to work can make a rooster uncomfortable. In these cases, a hybrid model may be applicable, such as a promise or promise to avoid masturbation or sex with another person, even if the cage is not worn at the time.

Another option could be a special underwear designed as a chastity device. Chastity underwear, if you like. When worn, they remind people of their commitment to chastity.

What is a chastity cage?

A chastity cage is a device that wraps around a loose penis and locks it in place, making it difficult to remove. The locking mechanism usually has a key, and when you give this key to someone, you designate them as the key holder. The device itself can be refined, decorative, rustic, austere, or somewhere in between. Today, they usually consist of a series of concentric circles, usually with locking pins, to accommodate the size of the wearer’s penis.

If you wear it for a long time, the chastity cage should have an opening to facilitate urination, and there should be enough space to allow the penis to partially engulf blood without causing pain during erection.

How to choose a chastity cage?


When choosing and using the right cage, you need to pay close attention to size. Measure three things: the width and length of your/their shaft, and the circumference of the shaft and ball (measured from behind and around the bag).


Well done, being woken up in a chicken coop shouldn’t be painful, just uncomfortable. Cages can be made of many different materials: metal chastity devices and metal cages have some weight and firmness, plastic cages are lighter but not as strong, and silicone chastity devices are softer and more resilient. If you’re just starting out, you may want to use a silicone or plastic cage. type

One of the most common male chastity devices is the spherical trap cage, which is essentially the base ring (also called the main ring). Can pass through the wearer’s testicles and penis, plus a penis cage locked in the base ring to restrain the wearer’s penis.


It is very, very important to take correct measurements on these devices, especially that the inner diameter of the base ring is correct as it may cut off blood flow and the ability to urinate. While the usefulness of the wearer’s genitals may be questioned for the purpose of BDSM games, the ability of the penis to function fully is uncertain. Long term injuries should never be the object of wearing a male chastity cage 3354 or any chastity cage.

If you’re new to the chastity game, it’s best to start with a cage. It’s bigger. You’ll have more room to experiment and less risk of discomfort. Besides, the penis size is not the same. The way they sit and hang depends on factors like temperature and humidity. Having extra rings on hand for the perfect fit and finish is both more comfortable and another way to enjoy the fuss about the cage itself.

Some chastity cage starter kits come with multiple rings of different sizes, as well as connecting guide pins to change the base ring to suit the size of the wearer’s equipment. When changing sizes, try opening the cage and setting a timer for 10-15 minutes. When the timer runs out, check the comfort or discomfort of the cage. If the testicles and penis are completely discolored when using a basic penis ring, it might be a good idea to enlarge it a bit. Then repeat the process until the cage is the correct size. Like Goldilocks, you want this kid to be right.

Things to know when trying chastity for the first time

Giving up access and control of the penis can have a huge psychological impact. It can be erotic, exciting, bizarre, or even disturbing. According to BDSM abuser Cara Sutra, “Many men feel that the core of their masculinity comes from their genitals, they have penises and testicles that they can use to have sex… this Restrictions or deprivations of abilities can make them question their masculinity. This is a really potent combination of taboo, fear and worry, and it’s when the playful elements of this part of BDSM really come into play.”

Or in another sadistic phrase, “While the discomfort is mild, the emotional impact is extreme. He may change his mind, convince himself that his voluntary blockade was a mistake, crawl back to his mistress, beg (I like them begging) to be released.”

Put on your chastity cage and get ready to experience intense emotions. Some men reported that they were so excited about the whole thing that they had to wait a while before getting loose and putting on the dress. Now for the actual wear: first, yes, you have to be soft. There is some debate about whether to use lube when caged males. K expert Xiaosan K did recommend it. He said, “There are a lot of thoughts and feelings about chastity gear and lube. Should lube be used? Is oil better? Water-based lube or silicone lube? It’s all up to you and what you’re most comfortable with. However, we found that water-based lubricants tend to be the best for the application.”

Another thing to know is that prolonged use of a chastity cage can cause genital pain, especially if the cage is heavy. Sometimes weight is the key point. Weight is a body reminder that the committee agrees, but weight can also cause discomfort. This could mean that when actual sex involving a rooster in a cage occurs, the wearer may have a sexy time with penis pain. Works, but not as fun.

It may take some trial and error to get a chastity cage to fit the wearer’s specific penis contour. The best chastity devices are those that lock properly and wear comfortably for a long period of time, depending largely on the size and shape of the user’s flaccid penis.

How does a chastity cage work?

Using a chastity cage in the dynamics of dominance and submission can both stimulate sexual desire and create a deep bond between the two. Committing to a chaste lifestyle and controlling the sexuality of others is the real strength boost. The chastity cage is the part that controls his behavior as a human being and gives the wearer a deep sense of satisfaction.

For example, a 37-year-old married man stumbled across the chastity game while browsing pornography and realized the idea of ​​playing a more submissive role in sex was a huge change for him. He wanted to explore with his wife, but it took him weeks to muster the courage to actually ask her. When he finally did, he said, “I did a horrible job trying to explain myself. I was nervous. Not everything I said was true. She told me to let her think about it.”

Think about what she did. After reading a book on the subject, the couple did start playing the chastity game, which brought them closer together. In his words, “‘Our relationship is better and stronger than ever. I don’t think we’ve ever been so happy or in love. Chastity has made me appreciate even more what women go through and deal with in a male-dominated world. .

The act of giving someone a penis key is both an act of devotion and an act of submission. Using a chastity cage can increase these feelings. It can also create opportunities to enjoy sex and sexuality without penis-hole-centric sex, allowing partners to enjoy more types of sex, and potentially opening up the wearer to what they are in penis-centric sex The normal state of the field of view that has not been considered before. A man who can’t touch his penis says he has to focus on other areas: “My nipples and buttocks have become more sensitive because I can’t stimulate my penis, so other areas feel hungry for gratification…I’m better able to Understand women’s desire for ‘touch before sex’. “

Other types of chastity devices

Using a male chastity belt or chicken coop isn’t the only way to gain the commitment to lock in one’s sexuality. Sometimes it can be as simple as an agreement between two people. When speaking, “I don’t masturbate or have sex; you’re the only one who can give me an orgasm.” Not as attractive as the whole locking mechanism and the heavy steel hanging from the gonads. Depending on your partner, it may be a more practical option.

For example, if the goal is to keep the penis owner chaste, then this may not be the best way for the penis owner’s lifestyle. What if they go to the gym a lot, or if they have to wear tight clothes to work? Wearing a rooster cage in this situation may bring more complications to the wearer’s life than its value. It looks like they are packing, or just stuffing a bunch of socks in their clothes. It must be explained to the public that this may not be the goal of the chastity pledge.

As a supplement to the chastity cage, participants can up the ante by inserting a penis in the form of a catheter catheter. Some chastity cages are equipped with integrated conduit fittings for a more fun time of obedience.

There are also more extreme chastity piercings, where the lock goes straight through the piercing. The advantage of this method is that such a bulky device does not have to be worn, but it allows for a fuller erection than using a locking cage.

By the way, if you want to know more, please pay attention; what is a chastity belt?

Important tidbits about wearing chastity devices

Erection is an important part of penis health, even with male chastity devices. Stopping the penis from getting an erection can cause harm in the long run. Erectile tissue does not receive blood flow like the rest of the body, so the process of penis regeneration and repair happens during erection. Erection at night is a normal part of having a penis and it is not recommended to wear a cock cage at night.

In other words, in addition to sexy cage time, you want to pace yourself and allow for some cage-free time. Listen, whatever you do, put your self-judgment aside. No matter what you like, whether it’s a sex swing, chastity cage, or just doing it under a full moon, your libido is yours. Get your freaks out!