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What is an anal dilator?

If you’re thinking about anal sex, you’ve probably heard of the vaginal dilator and its cousin, the anal dilator. Believe it or not, everyone has a trophy, and everyone can even stuff stuff inside to play! While some people use anal dilation for more pleasure, others do it for medically necessary reasons. Enter (insert?) the anal dilator.

What is an anal dilator?

An anal dilator is a device used to stretch the anus. They can be used as one of the steps in how to prepare for anal sex, strap-on sex, use a butt plug for fun, and even boxing! They can also be used for medical reasons, such as helping the rectum reach the ideal size after anorectal surgery (ie, hemorrhoid surgery, prostate cancer treatment, etc.). ). They can also help with pelvic floor problems that restrict blood flow to the area; adding openings can also help with this.

In fact, by default, the anal opening is tight and small. That’s what it does: keep the butt closed so nothing escapes when it shouldn’t. However, sometimes it makes sense to stretch this opening a bit.

An anal dilator is usually a smooth tube-like device and is usually used in sets. Smaller and larger devices are in the same set (similar to anal sex toys like butt plugs). Both recreational and medical dilators serve the same purpose: to make that hole aesthetically pleasing (loose and sticky) so that bigger things can go in and out. The rectal dilator for special lenses also has a name: anal trainer set (maybe a master series anal training set?).

What is a rectal dilator used for?

Rectal dilators work by slowly expanding the diameter of the anus. This does not mean that the anal sphincter will remain open permanently, but the default position will be more relaxed. So when something like a cock or an anal toy goes into the booty, or something comes out, or in and out, and in (etc.), the discomfort is lessened.

Medically, this may be necessary because of underlying medical conditions, such as sphincter scarring. This is when there is scar tissue in the anal opening that makes secretions, coughs and substances very uncomfortable. The possibility of having anal fissures is in this boat.

But you might also want to play with anal dilators, just because you like sticking things in your ass and you really want to stick that new dragon dildo all the way in. If dilation is for medical purposes, there is no need to practice placing objects within a few inches, but if it is for personal gratification, an attempt may be made to achieve full dragon dildo or related product insertion. (Most dilator kits start at about 0.5 inches in diameter and go up from there.)

Rectal dilators can also be an effective treatment to help retrain your pelvic floor and anal muscles to relieve pelvic pain without surgery. An anal fissure occurs when the anal sphincter tightens too much to handle. These cracks are actually relatively common 3354. They only become a problem when there is no time to heal. Anal fissures are considered chronic if they persist for more than 8 weeks. A tear can occur if the buttocks are too tight due to problems such as anal muscle spasms or narrowing of the anus, or if symptoms such as constipation result in the passage of a large amount of dense stool. Tearing can also occur during sexual activity when the penis or sex toy bottoms out (anal sex is accepted). If you want to be the bottom of anal sex, but feel pain, a rectal dilation can help you create more lasting comfort during anal sex.

  is it safe?

Anal dilation is a safe, economical, and effective procedure that produces lasting results. For example, according to one study on chronic anal fissures, “anal dilation performed in a systematic and normative manner has successful outcomes, no complications, and no apparent long-term negative effects on anal sphincter function.” This is many years time span.

Does it hurt?

When using an anal dilator, if you have not played Anal World before, you may experience some discomfort or a strange feeling all over your body. However, it shouldn’t hurt. There may be a slight discomfort at first, but it doesn’t last long and only occurs when it expands to a larger size.

If you experience pain while using an anal dilator, you should stop and rest and shrink it temporarily.

How to choose an anal dilator

Anal dilators, like vaginal dilators, look like small, thin dildos, but their purpose is less clear. There are more amateur versions of dilators and more patented dilators that are considered medical devices.

If you use an anal dilator at the behest of a doctor or other medical professional, you should follow their instructions thoroughly for best results. If you’re preparing yourself for anal play or anal training, choose a dilator kit made of body-safe materials.

You want adult sex toys made of medical silicone so you can clean them properly. Also, it is a good choice to choose a kit with a smaller scale, so that there is less pain or discomfort when inserting the dilator into the larger diameter.

How to use an anal dilator

Before starting the game, you should do a few things:

Consider all activities

It is important to consider all activities before you begin. First you pack all your supplies, then get comfortable, then insert the dilator, then change to a bigger dilator, wait for a while, then gently take the rectal dilator out of the loot and clean it.

follow the instructions

If your expander is going to be used at a specific temperature, be sure to set it up before playing. Some anal dilators come with hot jelly, which helps the dilator maintain a certain temperature when you heat or cool it. You may need cryotherapy (when the dilator is cold) or hyperthermia (when the dilator is warm).

Use the correct cleaning materials.

For the materials on hand, some mild soap is a good idea, a hand towel, and maybe a towel or absorbent cloth to put where you rest while you do the expansion. Don’t forget to use lube.

You should also have a bottle of physically safe anal lubricant on hand to help ease insertion. Finally, you need a place where you can easily grab a clean dilator, and a place where you can place a used dilator for later cleaning.

After dealing with all these prerequisites:

Sit or lie down in a way that suits you. This could be on your side, you can enter your rectum from above your hips, or you can enter the booty from your back between your legs.

Those who are comfortable with their own body are the correct directions. At this point, grease the end of the dilator you started with (probably the one with the smallest circumference) and the rest of the dilator shaft. Then dab some lube on your hands and use your fingers to lightly apply to the sphincter. Make sure you wash your hands and get your nails done first (you don’t want your sharp nails to cause any minor cuts or tears!).

Using your now lubricated booties and dilator, gently press the dilator against your sphincter. It may take a minute for your body to relax and allow your nerves to calm enough to adjust to the dilator. A few nice deep breaths can be helpful here.

Eventually, your body will relax under the increased pressure, allowing the dilator to go inside. If you experience pain or discomfort during insertion, pause, step back and apply more lube. You really can’t use too much lube for this process!

Once the dilator is fully inside, it’s a great time to relax and calm your nerves with some soothing music, calm breathing or just playing some games on your phone. You may need to do two 30-second dilations (meaning insert the dilator and keep it there). In other cases, you may want to leave the dilator in place for a few minutes. Remember to insert the device slowly and then slowly take it out. Steady and steady!

If you want to increase the size, prepare the next dilator while the current dilator is in you. When ready, gently remove the current dilator and place it on the “used” side of the space. The new dilator should be slightly larger, please be patient while inserting it. Stop if you experience significant pain or discomfort. You’ve probably just done a day’s worth of dilators and that’s fine. The anal dilation process is done over an extended period of time and the results are not immediate. Depending on your system, this process may take one or more times a day. Always be patient with yourself and allow your body to relax.

After completing the expansion procedures, it’s time to clean up! Wash away any feces that may have flowed out of the anal canal with mild soap, then allow the dilator to dry. Afterwards, put them away so they can safely wait for their next stimulating anal adventure. Whether you like your butt for fun or need a wider anal sphincter for medical reasons, you can use an anal dilator and lubricate patiently. The magic code for anal play has always been: lube.